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Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble slabs, White Carrara C

White Carrara Marble

Amso International produce and export worldwide Carrara Marble in Blocks, Floor Tiles, Slabs and any kind of cut to size on project.

Here some main Tiles sizes we produce :

- cm. 30,5x30,5x0,95 (12"x12"x3/8")
- cm. 30,5x61x0,95 (12"x24"x3/8")
- cm. 40x40x0,95 (16"x16"x3/8")
- cm. 45,7x45,7x0,95 (18"x18"x3/8")
- cm. 45,7x91x1,2 (18"x36"x1/2")
- cm. 61x61x1,2 (24"x24"x1/2")
- cm. 91x91x1,2 (36"x36"x1/2")

Floor Tiles in Cm. 1,5 and cm. 2 thickness

- cm. 30x15 (12"x6")
- cm. 30x30 (12"x12")
- cm. 40x20 (16"x8")
- cm. 40x40 (16"x16")
- cm. 45x90 (18"x36")
- cm. 60x60 (24"x24")
- cm. 90x90 (36"x36")
- cm. 120x120 (47"x47")

Slabs in cm. 2, 3 and thickness on request

The main sizes for slabs are from cm. 150x80 up to cm. 300x180 and more; usually the bigger sizes are more expensive than little medium sizes and are used mainly to produce Kitchen countertops and special cut to size works on project.
The litte and medium sizes are used mainly for flooring production, cut to size, stairs, mosaic and other works on size.

There are available every kind of size on request and other colours as Italian Marbles, Onyx, Stones, Travertine, Granite.

We have a wide range of selection for White Carrara as:
White Carrara CD,  White Carrara CD Vein, White Carrara C and White Venatino.
The C and Venatino quality have ligher background and are less veined than CD and CD Vein quality.
We divide the different quality in:

Extra Quality : This is the best available as the background is very uniform and white with few veins and is available in the quarries only in a reason of 5-10% of the total production; this quality is used for sculptures, kitchen countertops, bathroom counter top, tables, floors, funerary, wall coverings, columns, mosaic ...

1st Qualtiy : This is the second best quality, very uniform and available in limeted quantity from the quarries. 
This quality is used for sculptures, kitchen countertops, bathroom counter top, tables, floors, funerary, wall coverings, columns, mosaic ...

1st Standard Quality: This quality has the best quality-price compromise and is available in good quantity from the quarries with uniform background and medium colour lightness.
The colour is not white as the 1st quality but it is very good for internal and external use for any kind of application.

Commercial Quality: This economic quality is availalble in big quantity from the quarries and is used for any kind of decoration from the internal to external in any kind of finishing as polished, honed, sandblasted, bush hammered, anitqued....

Second Quality: This is the cheapest quality available and is available in quanity in the quarries with darker background and more heavy veins and variation in colour background for cheaper markets; this selection is used for any kind of application for internal and external use specially for sandblasting, bush hammering finishing.

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